What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the predominantly recognized social media tool dedicated to connecting professionals. The Gettysburg College Professional Network on LinkedIn is a great tool to begin networking with professionals in a variety of careers.

Why should I join LinkedIn?

LinkedIn provides a great avenue for you to connect with not only Gettysburg alumni, parents and friends, but also with colleagues and peers around the world in a venue dedicated to professional contacts and information sharing. You will create a "Profile" within LinkedIn and can search for "connections" by searching your email contacts or looking for colleagues or classmates.

I'm only a college student- should I have a LinkedIn Profile?

Yes! You should begin creating a LinkedIn account at any point during your college years, or soon afterwards. You might be surprised how many people you will be able to "connect" with, from prior employers, supervisors, faculty, administrators, alumni, parents or friends of the college. This is one way to begin networking!

When creating your profile, be sure to include both your work and job experiences (including internships, job shadowing or related experiences) as well as co-curricular activities and leadership with which you have given significant time and energy.

What should I post on LinkedIn?

You'll want to save your personal updates for other social networking sites, and shouldn't use LinkedIn, for example, to post general information to an entire group (i.e. "looking for an apartment in NYC").

You should use LinkedIn to search for, and then connect directly with, alumni, parents and friends who have careers which interest you. You may find that you're not checking or updating LinkedIn as often as you check Facebook, which is okay. Always make sure to update a new job, graduate school or essential career information to your LinkedIn profile.