1. Does your country require a treaty statement? List of Treaty Countries
2. All international students must call for an appointment to fill out their hiring paperwork as it takes about 1/2 hour to complete. Please call (717) 337-6616 to make an appointment.
3. Fill out the front part of the I-9 ONLY.
4. Fill out your 8233. If you have questions about this form, we will work through it when you come in for your appointment.
5. Use your GETTYSBURG COLLEGE ADDRESS on all forms.
6. Documents to bring to your appointment: I-20, I-94, Visa, Passport, and banking information.
7. For questions or concerns, please call ext. 6616.

ALL FORMS must be downloaded from your browser (with Adobe Acrobat), filled out, and printed.

BRING COMPLETED FORMS to the Student Employment Services Office at 53 W. Stevens Street (next to DPS)