• How do I find a job on campus? 
    First check your account in Handshake (not available until June 1st).  If you need assistance on how to search for an on-campus position in Handshake or if you need login instructions for your account (login information will be emailed on June 1st), contact the Center for Career Development (717-337-6616 or    Although departments and offices are encouraged to post their available positions in Handshake, you may want to consider directly contacting them to inquire about open positions.  
  • Federal Work-Study is a part of my financial aid package.  Does that change anything?
    No.  All students use the same process to find campus employment regardless of their Federal Work-Study status. 
  • How many students find jobs during the academic year?
    Approximately 50% of the student population is employed during the school year at part-time jobs on campus. 
  • Do I need to present identification in order to complete payroll paperwork?
    Yes.  You need to present original documents form the List of Acceptable Documents
  • Can I provide a photocopy of my ID or other document for payroll purposes?
    No. Federal regulations stipulate that only original documents can be accepted. 
  • I am an international student.  Do I need a Social Security number?
    Yes.  All international students who plan to work must apply for a social security number but may complete the payroll paperwork without it.  You will need to provide two paycheck stubs when you apply for a social security number and you should coordinate the application with the International Student Services Office.  
  • Where do I find my bank routing number for the direct deposit form?
    The routing number is the first set of numbers located on the bottom left-hand corner of your check.  If you do not have a check, contact your bank.
  • Can some of my paycheck be automatically applied to my student account?
    Yes.  You have the option to apply a portion or all of your pay to your student account. A special Student Payroll-Student Account direct deposit form must be submitted and the form can be obtained from Student Employment Services in the Center for Career Development.
  • How do I record my hours for payroll purposes?
    It is important that you correctly fill out your timesheet, which can be accessed through your CNAV account. Both In and Out times must be marked with AM or PM (no periods or spaces in between). At the end of the pay period, submit your timesheet as approved; the supervisor will then sign/lock it so that it can be processed by payroll.  Your supervisor can help you with this process or you can find a training manual on the Payroll website. 
  • How often will I be paid?
    Students are paid on a biweekly basis, with a two-week lag between the end of the pay period and payday. Your direct deposit statements can be found in the Student Center. 
  • What are the deadlines for submitting timesheets?
    Time sheets need to be submitted at the end of the student pay period. Late timesheets must be personally handled by the supervisor, and it is possible that you may not be paid until the next pay period. This late processing may increase the amount of federal taxes that are withheld, so it is strongly recommended that time sheets be submitted in a timely manner. Repeated failure to submit time sheets by the required deadlines may result in disciplinary action.  Pay schedules are available on the Paycheck Information Website under “Pay Schedules.