Summer break is an exciting time for students.  With academic stresses finally evaporating, you can fully enjoy the warm weather and beautiful days.  Beyond catching up on some rest and relaxation, you can use the summer months to make money, gain work experience, earn more course credits, or participate in research opportunities.  Regardless of your plans, it is not always easy to know where to begin.  This page is designed to help guide you in the pursuit of some of these goals. 

If you are not a Gettysburg College student but are interested in a summer job, please contact Human Resources.

Summer Employment Paperwork

There are a number of forms to be completed to hire summer help. The type of paperwork depends on the new employee's status as a student, as well as their work history with the College.  All student employees who have not worked on campus during the school year must fill out their hiring paperwork. Supervisors must complete the Online Student Employment Data form, which is online. For payroll purposes Gettysburg College graduated seniors will be considered a student employee until September 15, 2018.

Provided vs. Billed Student Housing and Signing Bonus Information

For detailed information about summer housing options and student eligibility, please contact Residential & First-Year Programs at 717.337.6901.

To determine if housing should be provided versus billed to a student, please review the student employment/housing overview (pdf).

If a student is required to live on campus as part of their specific summer fellowship or research program, a summer housing fee will not be charged to the student and they are not eligible for a signing bonus. If the student’s presence on campus is regularly required before or after typical College office hours or on weekends and the department would not hire a student if they preferred to live off campus, a summer housing fee will not be charged to the student and the student will not be eligible for a signing bonus.    

In all other cases the student employee will be billed housing costs ($540 for Summer 2018).

Departments may provide their summer student employees who will be billed for housing a “signing bonus.”  The intention of the bonus is to help defray the cost of summer housing and not to compensate the student for their job duties.  Departments are authorized to pay a signing bonus up to $675 (which equates to a payment to the student of approximately $540* after payroll taxes are withheld) at the discretion of the supervisor.  *This amount ultimately depends on your state of residence local taxes.

For questions regarding College provided housing vs. housing billed to students, please contact Sharon Dayhoff at 717.337.6276.

Summer Employment Search Methods

  • Log in to Handshake which provides information on both on- and off-campus jobs that may be available, Handshake also may contain listings for research positions and internships.
  • You also may want to personally contact campus departments to find unadvertised positions
  • Internships: Search Strategies and Registering your Internship

PHEAA State Work-Study Program

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) runs a job service for students that subsidizes wages for qualified employers in order to encourage them to hire college students.  You can learn more about this program on our website or through PHEAA