The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) runs a job service for students that subsidizes wages for qualified employers in order to encourage them to hire college students. Gettysburg College (and any office or department within the College) is eligible to become an approved job location for students, and as such PHEAA would pay a portion of each student-worker's wages. PHEAA will reimburse 40% of each student's wages to help expand summer job opportunities.

To be eligible, students must be Pennsylvania residents who are receiving PA State Grants. Federal regulations prohibit an employer from asking if a student is from Pennsylvania or is eligible for a PA State Grant during the hiring process. Eligible students may have received an email from PHEAA which included the application form.  The form is also available at the PHEAA website.  Student Application/Placement Forms will be accepted in the Office of Financial Aid until June 29, 2018; however, if the student begins work before the form is submitted, the reimbursement start date will be set to the application receipt date.

Note to supervisors: The 40% PHEAA share comes after the summer as a reimbursement, so each department must have the funds to pay any student who is employed during the summer. Summer positions should be designed with the expectation that the departmental budget will fund these positions. If the chosen candidate qualifies for the PHEAA Summer Program, reimbursement is a wonderful benefit.