Do you want to develop a new position for a student in your office?  Do you want to determine a rate of pay for your student employee that is comparable to similar, existing on-campus jobs?  You can review current  on-campus job descriptions and salaries for student employees.

Step 1: Advertise Open Positions

Our goal is for all available student employment opportunities to be listed in GettysburgWorks, the College’s online repository for student jobs and internships, in order to provide students with one central location where they can find information on opportunities available to them.  Each hiring manager and/or supervisor should have a GettysburgWorks account.  Contact either Cathy Bain or Rebecca Barth with questions or to set up an account.

Step 2: Review Applications

Departments use various methods to accept applications:  in-person application, email inquiry, and submission of resume are examples.  Effective Fall 2010, all positions are funded through departmental budgets and are available to any qualified student.  Financial need (i.e. Federal Work-Study status) is not a consideration. Positions off-campus through the Community Service component of the Federal Work-Study Program are available only to those students with a Federal Work-Study award.

Step 3:  Hire Student Employee(s)

If you hire a new student to work during the academic year, or if you will have returning students, please complete a Student Employment Info FORM for each student. These forms MUST be completed each semester. However, if a student is hired to work during the summer, a Summer Student Data Form must be completed.

New Student Employees:  If a student has not worked for the College in the past, in order to be entered into the payroll system they must submit student employment paperwork within the first three days of work, and they will need to present original identifying documentation (examples include:  passport, Social Security Card, state-issued drivers license) to complete the Federal I-9 Form.  All forms can be obtained from the Center for Career Development.

Returning Student Employees:  If a student has worked for the College before, even if it was in a different department, they do not need to complete payroll paperwork --  unless the student's home address, tax information and/or banking information has changed. If any of that information has changed, the student needs to resubmit the tax and direct deposit forms.  All forms can be obtained online.

    Step 4:  Create CNAV Timesheet

    Information, including a Training Manual for Supervisors, is available on the Payroll website

    Students will not be set up in PeopleSoft until this paperwork is submitted.
    Students will not receive a paycheck until this paperwork is complete.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      If you can't find an answer to your questions on this page, or our Frequently Asked Questions page, check the Supervisor Handbook.