Alumni, Parents, and Friends - Volunteer to host an externship by February 19!

Interested in welcoming a student into your workplace for a summer externship? Want to connect with talented students and hear about their experiences at Gettysburg? Have a short-term project which can be completed by a student this summer? Review our FAQ's for Hosts (pdf). Volunteer to host an externship by register online or contact Tiffany Kurzawa,, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development.

An externship is a unique opportunity that allows Gettysburg students to gain an insider's view into a career field, observe on-the-job activities and participate in hands-on learning experiences in the workplace. Shorter than an internship, an externship is an intensive job shadowing experience typically lasting one week.

Summer 2014
Externship Opportunities

Apply by March 7th
(resume required)

FAQs on Applying

Who hosts externships?

The majority of externship hosts are Gettysburg College alums or parents of current students.  Often times, externship hosts also provide housing for their student externs.

Where are externships?

Externship opportunities exist in all parts of the country, including major cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and represent a diverse and interesting array of careers and industries including several Fortune 500 companies, one of the largest charities in the U.S., a leading biotech firm and one of the nation's top medical centers.

How do I apply for an externship?

Review the Externship FAQ's pdf for specific details and the list of available opportunities. Click the "Apply by March 7th" link above to complete the online application (part 1). Students will be notified in late March if they were "matched" with an externship experience. Be prepared for part 2 of the application process - RESUME - stop by our resume drop-in hours Monday-Friday, 2:30-4:30 to get started on or polish your resume.

Who is eligible?

Externships are open to all currently enrolled students, and first-years and sophomores are particularly encouraged to participate. You must be a current student at the time of the externship and be in good standing with the College. Graduating seniors may apply for opportunities offered May 12-16.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Funding is available to cover the student's cost of transportation to and from the externship site as well as other related reasonable expenses through our reimbursement request process. If a home stay is not offered by your externship host, a Center for Career Development staff member will assist you with finding alternative accommodation, e.g. with another alum who lives in the area or low-cost housing such as a youth hostel or university housing.

Are there any requirements?

Yes, students will be required to attend the April Sendoff and meet with a member of the Center for Career Development staff to prepare for their externship. During their externship, students will be post blog entries about their experience and complete a creative assignment. After their externship, students will fill out a post-externship evaluation form and share their experience through an approved Career Development program during the 2014-2015 academic year.