Getting Started!

Need help getting started looking for an internship? Have questions about getting credit for your internship? Set up an appointment to work with one of our Career Counselors by calling 717-337-6616

Ways to Search for an Internship

  • GettysburgWorks. Search for jobs and internships posted by Gettysburg alumni, parents and friends of the College, as well as opportunities posted specifically for soon-to-be and recent college graduates by members of NACE, the National Association of College Employers. More information.
  • Networking. Reach out to professors, peers, family, friends and alumni.
  • Career Development Library (yes, books can be helpful!)
  • Websites. In addition to and, check our extensive lists of job and internship resources
  •  Direct outreach to employers and organizations. Employers that do not have a formal internship program may be willing to sponsor an intern if asked!

    Search Sites for Internships

    Gettysburg Works

    Government Internships

    Check out these Great Internship Resources