Internship Paperwork- Students

Registering an Internship

  • For-Credit Internship
    Internships taken for academic credit are carefully designed to provide a program with a substantial academic component, as well as practical value.  If you are interested in this option, please review Gettysburg College's policies on academic credit and check with your department advisor to learn about department requirements. Once you have been offered and have accepted an internship for credit, you need to login to the Student Center and complete a For-Credit Learning Contract (academic credit Student Center Guide)
  • College-Approved Internship
    Not for Credit (College-Approved) internships do not carry any academic credit, but do allow students to gain practical experience in a chosen career field. Once you have been offered and have accepted a non-credit internship, you should login to the Student Center and complete a Not for Credit Learning Contract (Student Center Guide).
  • Summer Internship Deadline
    Learning contracts should be submitted through the Student Center prior to starting an internship.  Contracts for summer internships must be submitted no later than June 15.

Internship Funding Applications

Students can apply to be reimbursed for transportation and housing costs related to a summer internship. Internship Funding Applications are due April 18 by 5pm.   Funding is provided through reimbursement only (receipts required) and only after the internship has been registered with our office.  For detailed information and application assistance, please make sure to read this short power point BEFORE you apply.  If you are awarded funding, the committee will explain acceptable expenses and how to submit them for reimbursement.  All finalists will be notified of results before the end of finals week.

Internship Paperwork Deadlines

Summer: June 15, 2014 
Fall: September 12, 2014 (drop/add date)
Spring: January 30, 2015 (drop/add date)