Event Planning - Winter Break Opportunity List

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Applications are due by November 17th by 11:59pm.  

Event Planning

Job Shadowing:

  • Angela Dolson '11 - Staff Assistant III, Donor Engagement and Events, Harvard University (career field:  Higher Education/Event Planning/Fundraising/Alumni Affairs) Location:  Cambridge, MA.  Shadowing Description:  The student would be able to see the day-to-day of working on large scale events, which could be both applicable to a student interested in higher education or in event planning in general.  In addition, I could work on setting up short information sessions with coworkers if the student is interested in learning more about fundraising and/or alumni relations.  Available Date(s):  TBD
  • Halle von Kessler '91 - Owner/Marketing and Creative Services Consultant, 8 Boxwood Lane (career field:  Entrepreneur/Marketing/Event Planning/Photography/Interior Design) Location:  Baltimore, MD.  Shadowing Description: Halle owns a consulting company that focuses in 5 main areas: marketing/communications, photography, events, styling, and interiors.  Every day is different - multiple projects handled at the same time - and the opportunity would depend on the project(s) at the time of shadowing (possible retail store design during the January timeframe). Visit her website: www.8BoxwoodLane.   Available Date(s):  TBD, no Thursdays

Networking Dinners:

  • Caitlin McCarthy '09 - Assistant Director, Special Events, New York University (career field:  Events) Possibly Lynn O’Connell ’09, NYU.  Dinner Location: New York, NY

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