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Job Shadowing:

Scott Estill ‘1996, Partner, Lancor (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: Lancor works exclusively in the private equity market to help private equity funds discover and evaluate forthcoming deals (via access to leading executives in various industries) and recruit the best management teams and operating partners for their portfolio companies.

Hart Fessenden P'2014, Senior Vice President, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Location: New York, NY), Shadow Description:SMBC is a Japanese bank and I am in charge of financing aircraft for all the major airlines in North and South America. Our company does $100-150 million dollar deals, as well as leasing 300 aircraft throughout the world. A day shadowing could include sitting in on conference calls and meetings, observing negotiations with a law firm, lunch with me, and potentially interacting with some younger members of the staff for a more recent graduate perspective.

Scott Hildenbrand '1999, Partner and Chief Balance Sheet Strategist, Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. (New York, NY). Shadow Description: You have the opportunity to shadow Scott Hildenbrand, a Principal and Chief Balance Sheet Strategist of Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. He heads the Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy group, working with financial institutions on balance sheet strategy development, which includes interest rate risk management, investment portfolio strategy, retail and wholesale funding management, derivative strategy, capital planning, budgeting, and stress testing. Mr. Hildenbrand also works closely with the firm’s Investment Banking Group to identify and develop strategic opportunities for clients involved in mergers and acquisitions. Students will also interact with Mr. Tom Thurston ‘1981, Principal - Equity Trading. REQUIRED: U.S. Citizenship.

Daniel Gans ‘1976, CEO, and co-host George Vallone '1976, President, Hoboken Brownstone Company (Location: Jersey City, NJ)  Shadow Description: The experience will span the gamut from financing to environmental testing and policy issues, to new energy initiatives and community development.

Kyle Ibbitson '2005, Associate Partner, McLagan -Owned by Aon (Stamford, CT). Shadow Description: Day in the life of a real work opportunity - many alums, different jobs. Kyle Ibbitson is an Associate Partner on McLagan’s Performance team. He is the Head of Americas for Revenue GPS, McLagan’s equities performance product. Kyle has worked at McLagan since 2005 and is focused on banking, capital markets and brokerage clients. Kyle presently works with 90 broker dealers including the leading global investment banks and mid-market / boutique brokers advising them on how strategic initiatives may impact the structure and scale of their businesses. He also provides guidance on how these initiatives need to be monitored.

Ferdinand Masucci, P'2017, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Shadow Description: 1/2 day experience;Global markets; Company GPA requirement is 3.35 and sophomores are strongly encouraged!

David Schultz, P'2020, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, WESCO International, Inc. (Location: Pittsburgh, PA). Shadow Description: Shadow executive of a Fortune 500 Company; can also provide exposure to various functions within the company (finance, marketing, investor relations/communications, etc.) and can set up time with recent college graduates on their experiences working for a large company.

Evan Yeatts (Friend of the College - Spouse), Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP. (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: I work as a Software Engineer for Bloomberg LP, but my more important role is as a Tech Lead in Digital Media. I work to support the editorial platform that drives and build software systems that drive user engagement and advertising products. As a Tech Lead my day-to-day is split between writing code myself and my intimate involvement in the planning and coordination of my team’s work. The balancing act between personal development time and team coordination is what makes my job challenging and rewarding, and both aspects involve a deep technical understanding of the applications and systems that make up Digital Media. On the technical side I get to work with technologies like Node.js, Elasticsearch, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, and Java to tackle problems with machine learning, search, and distributed programming. Much more than any particular technology, the most exciting part of my work is understanding and designing the ways that these technologies work together to construct something complex, powerful, and even beautiful. REQUIREMENTS: Student will have to sign an intellectual property non-disclosure agreement.

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