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Job Shadowing:

  • Laurie de Castro ’10 – Operations Research Analyst/Cost Analyst, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Location: Patuxent, MD.  Shadowing Description: The student would primarily shadow within the 4.2 Cost Department. As cost analysts within the department, we support the fleet of Naval Aviation by providing objective Independent Cost Estimates based on historical or analogous data. The estimates range from determining the cost to sustain a fighter jet for its entire service life to forecasting what a new airborne radar system will cost to acquire. In addition to shadowing within the Cost Department, there may be opportunity to meet with other departments for informal tours. U.S. Citizenship required. Available Date(s): Jan. 5-8, 12-15
  • Daniel Gans ’76 – CEO, Hoboken Brownstone Company (career field: Entrepreneur, Environment, Finance/Investment)  Location: Jersey City, NJ.  Shadowing Description: The experience will span the gamut from financing to environmental testing and policy issues, to new energy initiatives and community development. Available Date(s): Jan. 6
  • Joseph Joiner '07 - Political Affairs Data, Systems, & Technology Manager, Credit Union National Association(career field:  Government, Financial Services/Information Technology) Location:  Washington, DC.  Shadowing Description:  Students will be able to see how a major trade association works in the political environment of DC.  Individuals can learn about fundraising, advocacy, and lobbying on the federal level.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Ferdinand Masucci P’18 – Managing Director, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch (career field: Finance/Investment). Location: New York, NY. Shadowing Description: 1/2 day experience; Investment Banking - Global Markets. Prefer first-year or sophomore students.  Available Date(s): Jan. 5, Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9
  • Allison Meckley ’05 – Director of Professional Development, Realtors Association of York and Adams County (career field: Education, Finance/Investment) Location: York, PA. Shadowing Description: Overview of the Realtors Association, the local professional association for Realtors in York and Adams Counties. We provide education and support to local Realtors, Appraisers, and those who are affiliated with the Real Estate industry. Available Date(s): Flexible, but Jan. 9 would be the best date.
  • Robert Near (Parent) – Managing Director, BNY Melon (career field: Finance/Investment) Location: New York, NY.  Shadowing Description: Experience a day on a Trading Floor.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 13, Jan. 14
  • Matt Rockstroh '87 – Chief Operation Officer, Horan Capital Management, LLC(career field:  Finance/Investment) Location:  Hunt Valley, MD.  Shadowing Description:  Spend the day in a Registered Investment Advisory firm, learn how to invest like Warren Buffett, and understand the ins and outs of financial planning. Get some insights into the pros and cons of working at a large financial services firm vs. a smaller firm. Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • David Siffringer ’90 – Managing Director, Barclays Investment Bank (career field: Finance/Investment)  Location: New York, NY.  Shadowing Description: Spend 2 hours shadowing an Institutional Equity Trading Desk. Available Date(s): Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 13, Jan. 14
  • Brian Sutton '80, P10, 14 - President / CPA, Brian A. Sutton, P.C.(career field:  Accounting) Location:  Darien, CT.  Shadowing Description:  The student will sit next to me 1/2 the time to work with me on a client matter and will  work on their own 1/2 the time.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9 
  • Tom Thurston ’81 – Principal – Equity Trading, Sandler O’Neill + Partners (career field: Finance/Investment) Location: New York, NY.  Shadowing Description: I am a Partner in a privately held investment bank in NYC. I run the equity trading desk in NY. We are focused strictly on the institutional side of Wall Street. The day will be spent here in NYC on the equity trading desk as well as with other business departments within the firm. Depending on availability of Sandler O’Neill employees, I will try and have the individuals spend time in: Equity Research, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Quant’s, Fixed Income Sales & Trading as well as with my equity sales traders and equity research sales people. Our day starts with a 7:30AM sales meeting and can run until 6:00 or 7:00PM if we have a deal or management team in presenting although we usually end things around 4:30 or 5:00 depending on what has transpired on that particular day.  Available Date(s): Flexible (all dates are available)

Networking Dinners:

  • Peter Carlson '80, P'17 - President, Carlson & Carlson, Incorporated (career field:  Business/Sales) and possibly Peter Gambee ’82 - Managing Director, Barclay's Wealth and Investment Management (career field:  Finance/Investment)  Dinner Location:  Greenwich, CT
  • Sue Crump ’84 – College Consultant, College Insights, LLC (career field: Education, Consulting) and Tammy Murtagh Curran '84, VP of Finance, SC&A Construction, Inc. (career field: Finance/Investment).  Dinner Location: Glen Mills, PA
  • Patrick Galvin ’14 – Analyst, Graduate Rotational Program, Deutsche Asset Wealth Management; Peter Seiden '73 - Partner at Loeb and Loeb, a very prestigious law firm in New York. Peter works with Deutsche Asset Wealth Management's private bank in legal matters; Andrew King'06 - Assistant Vice President, Deutsche Asset Wealth Management. Andrew works in the Wealth Management Coverage division as a private banker; Jon Cordo '05 - Senior Relationship Manager for Institutional Sales at Brandywine Global and is a CAIA charter-holder. (career fields:  Finance/Investment, Law)  Dinner Location: New York, NY
  • Daniel Gans ’76 – CEO, Hoboken Brownstone Company and George Vallone - Class of 1976 President, Hoboken Brownstone Company (Mr. Gans's Partner) (career fields: Entrepreneur, Environment, Finance/Investment) Dinner Location: Hoboken, NJ
  • Elizabeth Krueger '11 - Supervisor, Vanguard and MBA Student at St. Joseph’s University, Allison Barrett '12 – Account Executive, DiD, Jordan Monts '12 - Outpatient Psychotherapist at Resources for Human Development Mastery Charter School Program, and possibly Matthew Moyer'12 - Health Safety and Environmental Specialist at Shire (career fields: Finance/Investment, Business, Advertising, Social Work, Environment).  Dinner Location:  Manayunk, PA DINNER DATE: Tuesday, January 6
  • Mary Claire Lagno P’12 - Retired VP Head of Aetna Small & Middle Market Business and Christopher Lagno P'12, Parnter/Attorney, Seyfarth Shaw LLP (career fields: Business/Sales, Finance, Law); potentially up to 6 other alumni and parents to join.  Dinner Location: New York, NY
  • Allison Meckley ’05 – Director of Professional Development, Realtors Association of York and Adams County (career field: Education, Finance/Investment) and possibly Kevin Smith '89, 1st VP, Wealth Management, Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC, and his wife, Anne. Dinner Location: York, PA
  • Brett Montich ’98 – Financial Planner, MetLife; Donna Montich – High School Spanish Teacher; and Kyle Zimmerman ’04 – Director of Human Resources, Aramark (career fields:  Finance/Investment, Education, Human Resources) Dinner Location: King of Prussia, PA
  • Andy Parker '79, P'17 – Managing Director, Twenty-First Securities Corporation and possibly Scott Estill '96, Partner, Global Financial Services Practice/M&A/Real Estate Co - Head of Heidrick & Struggles, New York, NY; Mr. Parker's bio can be found at: (career field:  Finance/Investing)  Dinner Location:  New York City
  • Ryan Shaffer ‘10 – Vice President, IVI International (career field: Business/Sales, Finance/Investment). Best suited for students interested in Commercial Real Estate and Finance/Econ.  Dinner Location: Biglerville/Gettysburg area, PA
  • Brian Sutton '80, P10, 14 - President / CPA, Brian A. Sutton, P.C. and possibly Katherine Sutton '10, Brian Sutton, Jr '14, or Sally Sutton '80 will attend (career field:  Accounting)  Dinner Location:  Darien, CT  DINNER DATE: January 7 or 8, based on host's schedule.

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