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Information Technology/Computer

Job Shadowing:

Pandora: Donna Bourke ‘1992, Senior Sales Manager; Sam Betterly ‘2012, Senior Campaign Specialist; Marielle Bianchi ‘2012, Account Strategist; Liz Baron ‘2014, Campaign Specialist (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: Shadowing Gettysburg Alumni/current Pandora employees throughout the day in the Ad Operations, Client Services and Sales & Marketing Departments. We will also coordinate presentations around our Music Makers, Legal, Recruitment and Internships Departments. (

McLean Donnelly ‘2007, Head of Digital Product and User Experience, Sleep Number (Location: Minneapolis, MN)  Shadow Description:As technology has become more open and reusable, product differentiation is now a necessity for any strategic blueprint. In order to achieve this, you need powerful business strategy coupled with elegant user experience. ¿As the Head of Digital Product and User Experience, McLean leads teams that radically better businesses...and yes, jaw-dropping user experiences. REQUIREMENTS: U.S. Citizenship. **Interested students should be within driving distance to the area, or have plans to be there over the break.

John Fay, P'2018, P'2015 CEO, INTTRA. (Location: Parsippany, NJ) Shadow Description: Opportunity to observer the day-to-day responsibilities of a CEO and sit in on executive meetings.  Will rotate between various executives/departments.  INTTRA is ocean shipping’s leading e-marketplace where companies go to ship efficiently and gain insights to grow. Backed by over 50 carriers and the world’s largest network of ocean shippers, INTTRA technology changes the way our industry connects and does business with one another.  More than 22% of our world’s trade begins at INTTRA – and with unique visibility into 35% of global container traffic, only INTTRA users can access the big picture insights needed to better collaborate, share knowledge, and manage shipments around the world.  Multiple senior manager meetings are held on Mondays.

Shandi Hogg ‘1997, Director of Marketing, Ancero (Location: Mount Laurel, NJ)  Shadow Description: If shadowing on Monday Jan. 8 the student will be exposed to the important internal meetings of a small business (50+ employees) in the information technology industry. The day kicks off with the monthly Company Meeting during which each department reviews updates and initiatives. After that the student will attend a high level marketing meeting with the Director of Marketing, Managing Partner, Director of Client Services and Director of Sales. Following that is the Funnel Lunch Meeting in which Sales updates Finance/Operations on their prospects in the sales funnel for the month. The day concludes with additional marketing responsibilities. The student will also receive a tour and insight into the inner workings and operations of a 24x7x365 IT solution provider. REQUIREMENTS: U.S. Citizenship

Timothy Quinn P‘2019, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Geological Survey (Location: Reston, VA)  Shadow Description: Depending upon the interest of the student we could provide a variety of opportunities that occur at the USGS national headquarters. These include: Information Technology, Data Science and Modeling, Water Science, Chemistry, Geo Science, Hazards (volcano and earthquake) Science and Monitoring, Ecosystems Management, and Office of Communications.

Evan Yeatts (Friend of the College - Spouse), Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP. (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: I work as a Software Engineer for Bloomberg LP, but my more important role is as a Tech Lead in Digital Media. I work to support the editorial platform that drives and build software systems that drive user engagement and advertising products. As a Tech Lead my day-to-day is split between writing code myself and my intimate involvement in the planning and coordination of my team’s work. The balancing act between personal development time and team coordination is what makes my job challenging and rewarding, and both aspects involve a deep technical understanding of the applications and systems that make up Digital Media. On the technical side I get to work with technologies like Node.js, Elasticsearch, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, and Java to tackle problems with machine learning, search, and distributed programming. Much more than any particular technology, the most exciting part of my work is understanding and designing the ways that these technologies work together to construct something complex, powerful, and even beautiful. REQUIREMENTS: Student will have to sign an intellectual property non-disclosure agreement.

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