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Job Shadowing:

  • David Ashworth '77, P'06 - Judge, Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas (career field:  Law) Location:  Lancaster, PA.  Shadowing Description:  Observe court proceedings, attend chambers conferences, etc.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9, Jan. 10
  • Jeff Bartolino '79 - Assistant Vice President/Attorney, NJ Manufacturers Insurance Company (career field:  Law) Location:  West Trenton, NJ.  Shadowing Description:  Students will visit with various members of the General Claims Department, including legal staff members, and will learn about insurance claims adjusting, personal injury lawsuits, insurance policies (primarily auto), and other areas within the Company.  Dinner is included.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 15
  • Michael Ben'Ary '98 - Assistant United States Attorney, United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia (career field:  Criminal law) Location:  Alexandria, VA.  Shadowing Description:  The United States Attorney's Office handles all federal criminal prosecution for the Eastern District of Virginia.  A visiting student will be able to observe the work of a federal prosecutor's office, and, depending on the day, proceedings in federal court.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Pat Bryan '77, P'15 - Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, U.S. Senate (career field:  Law/Government -) Location:  Washington, DC.  Shadowing Description:  The office appears in court on behalf of, and provides advice to, Senators, staff, Committees, and Senate officers on a wide variety of issues ranging from constitutional issues (recess appointments, executive privilege, etc.) to constituent and administrative matters. The shadowing day experience will greatly depend on what is happening at that time.  If the Senate is in session, there may be an opportunity to watch the floor, or to sit in on a Committee hearing.  At present we do not have any court hearings scheduled during that time.  It may also be possible to sit in on meetings on issues on which the office is providing advice that may or may not be interesting; of course, attendance will depend on the willingness of our clients to allow a student to sit in.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 7
  • Olivia Campbell Anderson '02 - Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff, Office of Govenor Martin O'Malley (career field:  Government/Law (Environment, Policy, Lobbying)) Location:  Annapolois, MD.  Shadowing Description:  Available Date(s):  TBD 
  • Kathleen Dugan P'15 - Librarian & Executive Director, Cleveland Law Library Association (career field:  (Law) Librarianship) Location:  Cleveland, OH.  Shadowing Description:  Observe legal reference service to lawyers and judges in the Cleveland area. Be shown how our computerized circulation system works. Attend any meetings scheduled.Tour library and courthouse. Go out to lunch.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • John O'Connor '82, P'11, '12 - Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP (career field:  Law) Location:  New York, NY.  Shadowing Description:  Tour office; perform computer research; lunch with host.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Kevin O'Shea P'15 - Senior Managing Partner, Allen & Overy, LLP (career field:  International Law) Location:  New York, NY.  Shadowing Description:  Students will spend a day in the life of a real estate finance partner at this international law firm located in midtown Manhattan, which could include participating in client calls, negotiations with counterparties, and reviewing/revising/drafting legal documents.  Available Date(s):  NOT Jan 6 or 13
  • Greg Schell '81, P'12 - Attorney, Gregory L. Schell, Esq. (career field:  Law) Location:  Philadelphia, PA.  Shadowing Description:  We will attend at least one arbitration hearing, have lunch, and discuss the cases during the afternoon if the students have the time and wish to spend the time with a discussion.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 6, Jan. 8, Jan. 10, Jan. 13, Jan. 14, Jan. 15, Jan. 16, Jan. 17

Networking Dinners:

  • Pat Bryan '77, P'15 - Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, U.S. Senate (career field:  Law/Government) and Dean McGrath P’15 – Attorney, McGrath & Associates (career field:  Law/Government).  Ms. Bryan is presently the Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, having previously served as Senate Legal Counsel when the Republicans controlled the Senate.  She has also worked in the White House Counsel’s Office as an Associate Counsel to the President (Reagan and the 1st Bush) and at the Department of Justice in various positions including as the Civil Division Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of appellate litigation. Mr. McGrath has also worked in the White House, including (along with Ms. Bryan) in Reagan Counsel's office and more recently as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice-President (Cheney).  He has also held other government jobs, including Chief of Staff to a Congressman then in a leadership position in the House (Chris Cox) and  General Counsel to the Peace Corps. Dinner Location:  Alexandria, VA
  • Amy Chidiac '97 - Philanthropist, None (career field:  Law/Politics)  Dinner Location:  Los Angeles, CA
  • Ellen Coletti P’16 – Associate Patent Counsel, Johnson & Johnson (career field: Patent Law/Corporate Law) and Vincent Coletti P’16 – Attorney, Solo Practice (career field: Law)  Dinner Location: New Brunswick, NJ
  • Marsha Comegno '94 - Journey Education Consulting, President/Founder/Independent Education Consultant (career field:  Education/Consulting/Entrepreneurship), John Comego '94 -Attorney/President/Founder of Comegno Law Group, P.C (career field:  Law) and Tricia Cranmer '95 - Managing Principal, The Summers Group LLC (career field:  Executive search)  Dinner Location:  Moorestown, NJ
  • Debbie Djupman '02 - Associate Attorney, Reed Smith LLP (career field:  Law)  Dinner Location:  Philadelphia, PA
  • Scott Paris '03 - Associate, Nelson, Levine, de Luca & Hamilton (career field:  Insurance Regulation/Federal Affairs/Law)  Dinner Location:  New York, NY  DATE: Jan. 13 or 15
  • Greg Pinchbeck '90 - Global Head of Resiliency, Citigroup (career field:  International/Business/Risk Mgmt/Technology/Media), Jeff Franchetti '90 - CIO at Cravath, Swaine, & Moore (career field:  Law); Nick Johnson '90 - SVP NBC Universal Digital Media Sales (career field:  Media); and Jack Vishab '90 - Risk and Compliance Technology Advisor, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP (career field:  Law)  Dinner Location:  Manhatten, NY
  • Rich Swartz '80, P'09 - General Counsel, Residential Warranty Company, LLC (career field:  Corporate Law) and Lindsay Musser Hough ’98, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, LLP/Author (career field: consulting/business) Dinner Location:  Harrisburg, PA
  • Janis Thomas P'14 - Former Executive Vice President, Marketing, Retired (career field:  Marketing, Law/Politics) and Elizabeth Hewlett, Chairman of Prince George's County Planning Board, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  Dinner Location:  Washington, DC

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