Thinking about Law School?

Law School Planning Guide

The Center for Career Development can help you navigate the preparation and application process for Law School.  To get started look through these resources and learn more in our Law School Planning Guide. 

Resources – Law School Admissions Council provides information on law schools, the LSAT, and the law school application process.  Utilize this resource to get your LSAT scores via email, assemble credentials, track your applications, and more.

The Credential Assembly Service (formerly known as the Law School Data Assembly Service), through LSAC, prepares reports about law school applicants that are sent to your selected law schools. Your CAS period extends 5 years from your registration date, so wait until closer to application time to register.

Boston College Law School Locator – Identify schools where your scores and grades are most competitive for admission. Useful in evaluating law school choices, but cannot determine where you should or should not apply.

LSAT Preparation – The Center for Career Development offers on-campus LSAT Prep Courses during the fall and spring semesters at a discounted price. Additionally, both Kaplan Test Prep and the Princeton Review offer various LSAT test preparation options, including free practice tests/events.  

American Bar Association – Professional organization committed to supporting the legal profession with practical resources. For information geared towards undergraduates interested in law school, please visit their Pre-Law website.

NAPLA – Pre-Law Guide - The NAPLA Pre-Law Guide is based on Cornell University's Legal Careers Guide, which was used by permission of Cornell Career Services.  NAPLA would like to acknowledge the following schools for their contributions to the Guide:  Binghamton University, Boston College, Boston University, Bucknell University, Columbia University, Duke University, Northeastern University, Princeton University, and Texas A & M University. The Law School Admission Council provided information on study abroad transcripts, and the Financial Aid section is based on the "Financial Aid Toolkit" developed by the Pre-Law Advisors National Council (PLANC).

NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists (do not print, this is over 500 pages!)

Gettysburg College Pre-Law Advisor - Tiffany Kurzawa, Center for Career Development, 337-6616

Gettysburg College Pre-Law Club – Student organization for those interested in pursuing a legal career that provides opportunities for discussion on law-related issues, learning about various professions, peer support in preparing for the LSAT exam, and organizing visits to local law schools. 

Resources specifically for Minority Law Students:

Center for Racial & Ethnic Diversity - American Bar Association – (ABA’s link for Minority Law Students) includes scholarships, opportunities, events, and other helpful links.

Diversity in Law School (through – provides information for racial/ethnic minority applicants and LGBT applicants. - A campaign developed to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to discover career opportunities in law. Provides tips, resources, and tools for becoming a competitive law school applicant.

CLEO (Council on Legal Education Opportunity) – Non-profit entity of the American Bar Association whose mission is to diversify the legal profession; CLEO is committed to expanding legal education opportunities to minority, low-income, and disadvantaged groups.

The National Black Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair