• Job Shadowing Host. One-day experiences in which students shadow alumni or parent volunteers in the workplace as they go about their day's work
  • Externship Host. Intensive, typically one-week "deep dives" into a workplace environment, offering in-depth insight into job and life demands of a career in the student's field of interest. Host often provides housing.
  • Internship Supervisor. Experiences in a professional workplace environment; typically part-time during the semester or part- or full-time in the summer.
  • Career Immersion Trips. An intensive three-day program in a major metropolitan area that gives students in-depth insight into a particular career field. Volunteers can get involved as a panelist, site visit host, provider of meeting space or host a meal or reception.
  • Employer Contact and Interviews. Connect current students with full-time job opportunities, possibly including on-campus interviews.

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