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Co-Curricular Learning

This site is intended for administrative departments that provide students with purposeful and structured out-of-class learning experiences.

Co-Curricular Goals

Assessment of student learning in co-curricular programs focuses on: (1). Structured programs designed by administrative offices (esp. College Life Division and Enrollment & Educational Services Division). (2). The residential and social environment, mostly directly shaped by the quality of student-student, student-faculty, and student-administrator interactions.

During the 2004-2005 academic year, College Life Division developed four Overarching Co-Curricular Learning Goals: Ethical Decision-Making, Collaboration & Teamwork, Effective Communication, and Local & Global Citizenship. During 2007-2008, College Life Division revised co-curricular learning goals and articulated Goals for Leadership Development, which focus on four areas of co-curricular learning: Citizenship, Integrity, Inclusiveness, and Emotional Intelligence. Many of the co-curricular programs are intended to reinforce the declared learning goals of the academic curriculum.

In alignment with these overarching co-curricular goals, departments in College Life and EES Division have articulated their Program-Level Student Learning Goals.

Assessment Reports

Since 2005-2006, Co-Curricular Learning Assessment Group (CLAG), which oversees the assessment of student learning in co-curricular programs, has been asking each co-curricular program director to submit an annual assessment summary. The Request for the Summary is sent out by CLAG each summer. These Annual Departmental Assessment Summaries contain four components: Student Learning Outcomes Assessed; Assessment Methods; Results; Utilization of Results. They were compiled using Reporting Templates developed by the Office of Institutional Analysis. These Summaries provide evidence that the College co-curricular programs positively impact student learning and personal development, and departments use assessment information to improve program effectiveness.

Assessment Resources

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