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Name: Harriet Marritz
Title/Dept: Drug Education Counselor, Counseling Services Office

Campus Box 0424
Health Center

300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400

Phone: (717) 337 - 6960

Harriet Marritz

I am a licensed psychologist with 25 years of experience at the Gettysburg College Counseling Services.  I have great respect for the strengths each student brings to counseling and strive to tailor counseling to each student’s needs.  In addition to working with students experiencing a range of mood, mental health, and relationship issues, I help coordinate our campus substance use education, prevention, assessment, and referral for treatment services.  I provide individual counseling and group educational programs for students concerned about their substance use choices and/or who want to reduce conduct violation point totals through programs aimed at helping students make healthier substance use choices.