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Relaxation is an important part of self-care. But what actually is relaxation? Real relaxation is different from what many might call relaxation, such as exercising, zoning out, socializing, or pursuing a distraction like TV or a book. Those things are important, but they are not truly relaxation. Actual relaxation is an intentional, focused period of time during which one is mindful and alert, yet one's muscles are relaxed. This type of relaxation takes time to practice, but is worth the effort.  It can help restore energy and boost your mood and performance levels much better than those other activities.

 Guided Relaxation Audio Exercises

The following audio links offer guided relaxation exercises, narrated by Bill Jones, that will guide your through a personal relaxation exercise.

Track 1
Track 2

Guided Relaxation Videos

The following videos offer a variety of guided relaxation exercises narrated by Loyola University Counseling Center staff. Find a quiet space and explore the feeling of true relaxation. These videos are also broadcast through GreyComm.

Video One: Intro to Deep Breathing

Video Two:  Breathing Exercise

Video Three: Quick Calmer

Video Four: Observe your Breathing

Video Five: Exhale Cycle

Video Six: Proper Breathing Technique

Video Seven: Notice your Senses

Video Eight: Body Scan

Video Nine: Walking Down Stairs