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Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that often leaves those involved with, aside from obvious physical traumas, profound long-term psychological effects. Often, early treatment can mediate these long-term effects. Counselors from Gettysburg College Counseling Services can be a source of support to you. Counseling is free and confidential and is a resource to everybody involved in a sexual assault, including students who have been accused of committing sexual assault.

Besides Health Services, Counselors are also the only persons on campus who can guide you through making an anonymous report to the college if you want us to do so. We will do so ONLY at student’s request, of course.

Sexual Assault and relationship violence includes multiple behaviors that occur without the consent of the survivor. Review the definitions of consent and various forms of sexual misconduct.

Sexual assault survivors are faced with many difficult decisions around their emotional and medical health.

Knowing how to help a friend who has been sexually assaulted or a victim of intimate partner violence is often challenging. Consider these suggestions on how to support a survivor.

Sexual Assault Information Sheet for Medical Care (pdf)