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The Counseling Service staff must adhere to professional ethical standards and to state and local laws relating to confidentiality.  These standards and laws prevent us from speaking with anyone outside Counseling Services (including concerned parents) about a student's contact with the Services unless we have the student's written permission to do so.  Consequently, if a son or daughter were to tell a parent that he or she is seeing a counselor and the parent would like to be able to talk to the counselor, the student must sign a Release of Information (doc) that will enable the staff to discuss the situation with the parent. 

If you need to talk to us, we are available at 717-337-6960.

Please know that all message left on this number are confidential.

While the Counseling Services provides confidential care to students who request our services, the office of College Life at  717-337-6921 or the Academic Advising Office at 717-337-6579 is able to reach out to students who may be in need.  Parents who would like someone to check up on their son or daughter should contact either of those two offices for assistance.