LGBTQA Support Group

This is an interpersonal process group for members of the LGBTQA community, including allies and those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, who want to learn more about themselves and their interactions with others. In group, members will have the opportunity to share common struggles, gain support, and give and receive feedback in a safe environment. Group members may be dealing with a wide range of concerns, including coming out, connecting with the LGBTQA community, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, and other concerns related to their LGBTQA experiences. If interested, contact Counseling Services at 717-337-6960 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michelle Huang and to learn more about participating.  This group is scheduled for Friday afternoons from 3:00 pm to 4:45 pm and will resume in March 2014.


The group adaptation of BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students, G. Alan Marlatt, University of Washington) is a skills-based program that offers students who drink alcohol the opportunity to think more about how to reduce negative consequences. It consists of one group educational session followed by an individual meeting with a counselor. For more information, call Counseling Services 717- 337- 6960 or email Harriet Marritz,

Positive Choices

The Positive Choices (formerly Harm Reduction) 4-week group is designed to help students cut learn more about cutting back in order to get more positive and fewer negative results from drinking.  The four weekly sessions focus on: What is moderation and is it for me?; Setting limits, keeping track, slowing down; Handling triggers for heavier drinking; Self-care and stress reduction

Counterpoint Group

Would you like to get more out of your college experience? Would you like to improve your grades? 

Are old habits getting in the way for you? Would you like to become more present in your own life? 

Our 4-session “Counterpoint” student group will discuss topics relating to student and life success.  Participating students will choose the weekly topics.

Abstince Group

Abstinence support group for students offered as requested/needed. Call Counseling Services 717 337 6960 if you’d like to attend.