Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are limited and we encourage students, who already have a provider at home, to continue psychiatric services with that provider. Free psychiatric services are available to clients who may benefit from medication in addition to counseling. Students must be referred to the psychiatrist by one of our counselor.

If a counselor has referred you to the psychiatrist, then you will be scheduled for an initial one hour appointment. The appointment will consist of a diagnostic interview. The psychiatrist will give you recommendations and describe the risks and benefits of treatment.

If medication is initiated as part of your treatment plan, you will be scheduled for regular follow-up visits to determine how you are tolerating and responding to treatment. These visits average 20 minutes and occur approximately every 2-3 weeks until your symptoms have improved and you are stabilized on medication. Meanwhile, you should be pursuing your psychotherapy at Counseling Services. Medication works best in combination with psychotherapy. 

No-Show Charges

Students who no-show or fail to cancel with adequate notice may be assessed a fee per incident.

Psychiatry for ADD/ADHD

Counseling Services generally does not support psychiatric care for students with ADD/ADHD. Such students are encouraged to continue psychiatric care with their previous provider at home or Counseling Services can assist in finding a provider off-campus.

Psychiatric services available off-campus