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Psychiatry services on campus and in the surrounding community are extremely limited.  If you are already receiving medications from a medical provider at home or otherwise off campus, we strongly encourage you to continue to do so.  We suggest you schedule follow-up appointments with your care provider well in advance to correspond with school breaks and other visits home.

We do provide free, on-campus psychiatry services to students who need prompt help and cannot receive that help elsewhere.  This care does not include treatment of ADHD. These services are so valuable that students who miss appointments or otherwise misuse services may be refused subsequent services.  

To receive psychiatry services on campus, students . . .

1. Must be referred by a counselor in Counseling Services, &

2. Agree to transfer their care to an external provider once they are determined to be stable on their medication or at the end of the school year—whichever comes first.

Counselors can assist students in establishing care off-campus. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is routinely a wait of weeks to months to receive psychiatry services in the surrounding Gettysburg community. This is often true in other locales, as well.  Thus it is critical that you schedule your off-campus psychiatry care well in advance of when you need your first appointment!! 

You have to anticipate when you will need a refill of medications, e.g., and schedule your appointment with that in mind.  Most psychiatrists are not able to accommodate emergency appointments to refill medications, and most will not refill prescriptions without seeing you in person.