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Strong partnerships with community agencies is at the core of the CPS mission. The following core elements are integral to each partnership. Become a Community Partner! 

  • Reciprocity.  We believe that partnerships should be mutually beneficial.  The community agency partner, Program Coordinator, and the Center for Public Service should work together to plan and implement experiences so that equitable attention is paid to the agency's needs and the educational value for the student participants.

  • Reflection.  As is often recognized and discussed, service is not politically neutral, simple, or a common ground for the many perspectives found in our world.  Rather, service brings individuals together in forums for community development and action, and challenges some to wrestle with why "service" is needed.  Ongoing reflection on the service, the population being served, and related social issues facilitate the deepest level of learning.

  • Sharing.  Sharing of the experiences -- whether it is a report, an explanation of achievements with the agency and/or its clients, or publicity via campus and community forums -- provides a sense of closure for and/or evaluation of the experience.

  • Active Learning.  Program Coordinators, student volunteers, community partners, and agency clients explore community issues (broadly and/or deeply) through their relationships, service work, structured experiences, and engaging in a partnership project.


Project Gettysburg León

Project Gettysburg-León had its beginnings the early 1980's when Gettysburg College sponsored individual exploratory visits to Nicaragua in the midst of the highly publicized Sandinista-Contra conflict. This was followed by more educational group trips. After seeing the effects of US intervention, observing the immense poverty and being challenged by the tenets of liberation theology, the group began to tell its story and encouraged more "solidarity trips." Over the last 25 years, multiple student and community groups have traveled to Nicaragua each year and León residents visit Adams County for education and friendship.