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  • Assist in selection and placement of new Program Coordinators with agency partners.
  • Attend an evaluative meeting with a CPS professional staff person and Program Coordinator once a semester.
  • Maintain contact with CPS professional staff to ensure effective partnership.
  • Participate in workshops with CPS professional staff and Program Coordinators.



  • Devise and regularly assess a working plan with Program Coordinator to outline responsibilities, share goals and organize programs in order to ensure accountability and reciprocity.
  • Maintain regular contact with Program Coordinator through a bi-weekly meeting.
  • Provide direction and support for Program Coordinator during on-site working time.
  • Assist Program Coordinator to maintain existing programs, initiate new projects as appropriate, and conduct assessments.
  • Guide and assist Program Coordinator to recruit, orient, provide ongoing support, and facilitate reflection sessions for volunteers.
  • ° Assist volunteers when needed and communicate volunteer related issues to Program Coordinator.