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Faculty Fellows in Community-Based Learning

The Community-Based Learning Faculty Fellowship, co-sponsored by Center for Public Service (CPS), Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning (JCCTL), the Provost’s Office and a Mellon Presidential Leadership Grant is a year-long program that provides resources and support for faculty.

The aim of the Faculty Fellows Program is to expand, deepen, and institutionalize community-based learning (CBL) and community-based research (CBR) at Gettysburg College. CBL is a pedagogical model that connects classroom-based work with meaningful community involvement and exchange.  Within the context of equitable partnership, community organizations and students mutually benefit from the CBL experience both by meeting course objectives and addressing community-identified goals. CBR is a partnership of students, faculty, and community members who collaboratively engage in research with the purpose of solving a pressing community problem or effecting social change.

For more information on CBL at Gettysburg College please reference the Faculty Toolkit for Community-Based Learning. Questions? Email

CBL Faculty Fellowship Eligibility

The expectation for participation is that faculty members will design a new CBL course, modify an CBL existing course, develop a CBR research agenda or design/evaluate a CBL/R departmental curriculum.

Additionally, applicants must commit to participate in a 1-day Opening Institute in Monday, August 20, 2018, attend an off-campus field trip on Monday, Sept 17, 2018 and meet during four scheduled sessions each semester.

The off-campus field trip will enable Faculty Fellows to connect with colleagues at institutions and community organizations in the Baltimore area who doing CBL/R work while also gaining a deeper understanding of CBL and developing a Gettysburg community of CBL Faculty,

Benefits for Faculty Fellows

Professional development: Faculty Fellows learn about CBL through reading, discussion of pedagogy, community visits, development of partnerships, creation of syllabi and assignments and community participatory research methods.

Membership in professional learning community: Faculty Fellows join a cohort of other faculty and administrators focused on CBL/R to discuss, support and challenge each other throughout the academic year.

Resources: Each Faculty Fellow receives a $750 stipend and can apply for additional funding through the Center for Public Service to be used for implementation of CBL/R.


Key Content Areas of Learning

Pedagogy and Principles of CBL
Community Partnership
Components of a CBL Syllabus
Preparing Students
Approaches to Reflection
Assessment of Learning 
Scholarship of Engagement
Principles of Community-based Participatory Research



April 29: Fellowship application due
May 4: Acceptance to Fellowship announced
August 20: 1 day Opening Institute
September 17: All-day Field trip to Baltimore
September--December: Four sessions (times will depend on Fellows' availability)
February: Project proposal due
March-May: Four sessions