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History of Fall Convocation at Gettysburg College

Fall Convocation was initiated by a group of Gettysburg College students in the 1980s who were concerned that the campus did not gather often enough to engage in conversations around current issues. Today's Fall Convocation is a continuation of this tradition of students engaging in and advocating for change in our nation and world. Past speakers for Fall Convocation:

1984 Benjamin Spock
1985 Dith Pran
1986 Mitch Snyder
1987 Betty Williams
1988 Mary F. Berry
1989 John Steinbruck
1990 Keith Tuitt
1991 Maya Angelou
1992 Li Lu
1993 Alex Kotlowitz
1994 Robert Littsa
1995 Jocelyn Elders
1996 Morris Dees
1997 Edward James Olmos
1998 Douglas Wilder
1999 Kweisi Mfume
2000 Jim Hightower
2001 Lena Williams
2002 Luong Ung
2003 Todd Brewster
2004 Rabbi Michael Lerner
2005 Jonathan Kozol
2006 Robert Egger
2007 Tim Wise
2008 Julian Agyeman

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