Conquer Obstacles. Dodge Zombies.

OCTOBER 25, 2013
5pm (Registration starts at 4pm)


*All proceeds go to the annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive.

You thought Gettysburg was haunted? Actually, it's infested with zombies. Will you be able to survive the zombie apocalypse?

The zombie race is part 5K race, part obstacle course, mostly escaping the clutches of zombies! Runners will navigate a series of obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish lines - all while avoiding zombies. In this race, you're not just running against the clock - you're running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading zombies.

At the end of the race, celebrate your survival (or zombie transformation) with entertainment and food in the Attic!

The race will begin at Quarry Pavilion and follow the cross country 5K route.



Before the race, you will be given a flag belt with two belts, representing your health. The zombies want to take your flags, and maybe eat your brains. If you lose, all your health flags, you are infected with the zombie virus, and the zombies win.

Throughout the obstacle course, there will be man-made and natural obstacles. Runners may choose NOT to complete an obstacle, but any runner who skips an obstacle will have a flag removed. There will be mud, water and maybe some blood. You will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive your way to the finish line.

Oh and there will be a bunch of flesh-starved undead on your tail. Their job is to eat you, by going after your flags. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags.

Use speed, strategy and a solid group of your closest allies to make it to the finish line "alive" (with at least one flag intact).


Zombies will not physically contact any runner other than in attempt to pull a health flag. Direct physical contact between zombies and runners will not be permitted.

Zombies are not allowed to grab a flag from a runner if they are waiting to complete an obstacle or while on/in an obstacle. Zombies are allowed to only take one flag per runner.

Runners who lose all their flags are not automatically transformed into zombies and may not take another runner's flags, chase other runners, or pick up flags off the ground. Zombie transformation occurs after you've crossed the finish line.

Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies at all times and worn on the sides of the body.

Participants must have an official bib number in order to run.

Working with friends, family and strangers is allowed and recommended…it’s the living vs. the undead.

Participants must sign a Indemnity Release Form. Forms will be available on race day before the event begins.

QUESTIONS? Contact Katie Patterson at