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There are numerous misconceptions about poverty in America.

Many people assume that if a person receives a salary increase, his or her personal financial situation will improve as well. It is a simple concept: work hard and you will get ahead. The video below, however, reveals the flaws in such a belief and in our welfare system.

Follow along as a fictitious parent of two attempts to rise from poverty. As his or her salary increases and benefits decrease, the unimaginable challenge known as “the wage gap” appears. This video was produced in conjunction with input and stories from Circle Leaders in the Adams County Circles Initiative, a community endeavor to inspire and equip communities to end poverty.


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Devan Grote '11 in the Campus Kitchen

Devan Grote '11 conducted research and created this video about the challenges of the wage gap and welfare benefit drop-offs during her 2010 CPS Summer Fellowship through the Center for Public Service. In addition to working with the Campus Kitchen and the Adams County Food Policy Council, Devan is the Service Vice President for Alpha Phi Omega, Gettysburg College's co-ed service fraternity. After graduating with an English major and Pre-Business minor, she hopes to continue her work in public service.