Big Brothers Big Sisters
Mentor a child through homework, games and friendship through the SMART program.
Time: Mon, Tues, Wed  or Thurs: 2:45-4:30pm 
Contact: bbbs@gettysburg.edu 

Battlefield Community Gardens
Assist with weeding, planting and harvesting at this Civil War era vegetable garden! 
Time: Various
Contact: Andeulazia (hughan01) or sherfy@gettysburg.edu 

Campus Kitchen at Gettysburg College
Repackage donated food into nutritious meals and deliver them to members of the community.
Time: Various
Contact: Sign up at www.gettysburg.edu/campuskitchen

Adult ESL Classes
Assist adults in conversation, activities and worksheets to 
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-8pm at Gettysburg College
Contact: Lizzy (coopel02)


Casa de la Cultura Sunday Swimming
Join Latino children in grades K-6 swimming 
Time: Six Sundays 3-4:30pm at Gettysburg College Swimming Pool
Contact: Amy (maam01) 

D.C. Outfitters
Support those facing homelessness in Gettysburg at the Adams County Homeless Shelter by providing child care and serving meals. Also, visit people in DC who face homelessness and offer clothing and conversation. 
Time: Gettysburg: Wednesdays 6:15pm-7:30pm; DC: Fridays 3:00-10:00pm (once a month)
Contact: Katia (rubika01)

Food, Land, People
Facilitate an after-school hands-on learning curriculum about the relationship between food, land and people.
Time: various
Contact: campuskitchen@gettysburg.edu

El Centro After School Program
Tutor a child. Help with homework, play games, exchange English and Spanish skills.
Time: Mon, Tu, Wed or Thurs: 3:30-5:00pm
Contact: Alyssa (wekeal01) or Abby (currab01)

Migrant Education High School Program
Through the LIU#12: Migrant Education Program, tutor migrant high school students on campus.
Time: Mon/Wed: 3:30-5:15 pm
Contact: Yasmine (perrya01)

Migrant Education 7th & 8th Grade Program
Through the LIU#12: Migrant Education Program, tutor migrant 7th and 8th graders.
Time: Mon/Wed: 3:30-5:15 pm
Contact: Dennis (mshode01)

Office for Aging
Assist the age 60+ residents of Adams County to maintain their independence through yoga, friendship and bi-weekly dinners.
Time: Fit your schedule as well as alternate Fridays 5-6pm. Click here to sign up.
Contact: Joslynn (watkjo02)

Painted Turtle Farm
Assist community gardeners with garden upkeep, planting and harvesting. Find out more at www.gettysburg.edu/ptf
Time: Various
Contact: Mary Margaret (farm@gettysburg.edu)

Project Gettysburg-León
Become active with Students for Nicaragua. Promote activities of PGL, advocate for fair trade in Nicaragua. More at www.gettysburg-leon.org
Time: Various
Contact: Edith (teaed01)

South Central Community Action Programs: Work Ready
Assist adults in studying for the GED, job searching and life skills.
Time: Fit to your schedule, 9am-3pm
Contact: Alyce (norcal01)

South Central Community Action Programs: Circles Initiative
Provide friendship and care to 15 children ages 6-15 during the Circles weekly meeting, which aims to move families out of poverty. More at www.supportcircles.org.
Time: Wednesdays 6-8pm (dinner is included)
Contact: Alyce (norcal01)

Respective Solutions Afterschool Program at VIDA Charter School
Assist children K-6 with homework and educational activities.
Time: Fit to your schedule, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Contact: Vanessa (martva02)