I would like to volunteer on a specific day. Is the time slot available?
We would love for you to volunteer!  Check the calendar of events for availability and sign up!

What do I wear?

Long pants, closed-toe shoes. No tank-tops / sleeveless shirts. No dangling jewelry, large rings, watches, or bracelets. Long hair up in a bun or short ponytail. No nail polish or fake nails. Bring a baseball cap if you'd rather not wear a hairnet.

Can I bring a friend?

While we encourage your friend to participate, we would prefer you not bring a friend to a cooking shift unless he/she has signed up to cook that day.  This is only because the kitchen is small and can become crowded with extra people.  If your friend has a special reason to volunteer, have him/her email the Campus Kitchens Program Coordinator.

Do I need to have any type of training beforehand?

You will receive an orientation at your first shift. No special experience is necessary.

Could you please tell me where it is located? 
Get directions.

Can I sign up for just one time? Can I sign up for a weekly shift?

You can sign up for a one time shift, or for a weekly shift if Campus Kitchens is something you would really like to become involved with.

I don’t know about your program. What are the details?

If you like any of the following: cooking, helping people, not wasting food, hanging out with friends, or being part of a greater good, the Campus Kitchen is for you. We prepare meals and deliver them to the nearby community. Anyone can help. If you know how to cook you can teach others - if you don't then we'll teach you!

How do I get my group involved with the Campus Kitchen?

If you are ready to sign up for potential days, visit our group sign up page.

Where can I purchase a Campus Kitchens T-shirt?

If you would like to purchase a Campus Kitchens t-shirt , you can stop by the Center for Public Service office in Plank gym (2nd floor) Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. The cost is $10.