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We are busy preparing for Gettysburg Is Volunteering (GIV) Day 2017 on August 25th.

There are limited spots, so sign up on your First-Year Dashboard before it closes!

GIV Day is the first opportunity for you to engage in the local community as well as learn about social justice issues while connecting with classmates, upper-class students and people in the Gettysburg community.

Guided by upper-class student leaders, all first-year students will participate in an interactive Poverty Simulation and a Service Project before ending with a reflection.

Service Project: 
Service Projects will provide an opportunity for students to work with local organizations dedicated to community development. You will receive an overview of the organization and then provide meaningful service to assist the agency. Possible projects include visiting the elderly, painting, preparing a meal or teaching children. Check out possible volunteer placements for GIV Day (and throughout the year.)

Poverty Simulation:
The Poverty Simulation is a role-playing experience that offers the opportunity to learn more about the realities of living in conditions of poverty. With an assigned identity and family profile, you will experience what is it like living with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress.

Groups will join together at the end of the morning to share their experiences and reflect on their learning, fulfilling the mission of CPS to "Think Critically, Act Compassionately."

Schedule for the Day:
8:00am    Registration and breakfast
8:30am    Introduction
9:00am    Group 1 - Service Project,  Group 2 - Poverty Simulation
10:30am  Group 1 - Poverty Simulation,  Group 2 - Service Project
12:00pm  Reflection and lunch
12:45pm  Closing

Check out photos from past GIV Days:

Testimonials for past GIV Day participants:

"It was a great way to learn how to get involved and that I shouldn't isolate myself on the Gettysburg campus, but instead branch out into the community."

"I enjoyed the poverty simulation and how it made me feel the frustration of a homeless and poverty stricken family."

"I learned that the smallest action can have a big outcome with the school and community."

"I learned that if we work together as a team, a great deal of work can be accomplished."

"[GIV Day] painted a more realistic picture of the lower income families in the area - I had seen their homes on my way into town, but I had not witnessed their lives yet. I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with the community and to interact with its many members."