What does "development" really mean? How are globalization and immigration linked in Gettysburg and Nicaragua? What are alternative approaches to traditional means of development? How do issues of power and privilege influence our decisions and service? These are some of the critical questions discussed at the three-day training at the start of the experience.

CPS: Communities In Action Goodbye

After sharing and learning during orientation, interns had a little fun "teambuilding".
Negotiating the Beginning: (Orientation)
Reflecting through journals is integral to the learning process. At the start of the internships, these thoughts are some of the questions and issues students addressed in their journals.

  • My Catholic up-bringing more or less demanded recognition of my relative fortunes in this world and emphasized treating others as I would like to be treated. Each of these factors has contributed to my current (hopefully level-headed, at the least) perspective; how, then, do I take this shaped mold of morals and principles and ask it to respond to a web of issues that exist in a whole new context? Can I form a perspective and attitude that will reconcile my personal goals with a foreign community's needs?
  • The past couple days have really opened up my eyes about what it means to "think critically" and "act compassionately." I always thought that I grew up in a racially and economically diverse area, but I think I always assumed that just seeing people from other races and socioeconomic status meant that I understood what it was like to have a global perspective.
  • Something that I think may be an effective may not be seen in the same light to someone else. While I am still not sure of how I would go about defining a change as effective I do think that if positive relationships result from a change then it has to have some elements of success.
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    Processing the Partnership Experience: (In the Middle)

    The summer of internships is half over. Students are enjoying the experience while negotiating their roles in the multiple communities in which they participate. The challenges of community development, cross-cultural experiences and internship responsibilities is being balanced with plenty of positive relationships and "aha" moments. Much of the reflection has been about how and why stories are told and the meaning of community. 

    Making Sense of the Experience:
    Quote from a student ending her experience in Gettysburg:

    "This summer, my Gettysburg community spread much further than the perimeters of the campus. I had the opportunity to meet many types of people who have experienced poverty with a very diverse array of personal stories. My goal this summer was to learn about public policy as well as what types of agencies have clientele who are in poverty. I thought that in order to complete this goal, I needed to work in all types of agencies and experience what they do. Rather I found that it was even more rewarding to listen to families which the policy is affecting and the agencies are working with, to find out what they think needs to be changed and what agencies are helpful while other provide too many minute stipulations. Often time people in poverty are stereotyped as ill educated and unable to speak for them self. To the contrary, I have learned that be best way to make change is to go the face it is going to affect and ask them what change they want."



    Rebecca Brown '10
    Cooperativa de Desarrollo Social Comunitario

    Megan Graham '09

    Tara O'Shea '10
    La Asociación para el Desarrollo de Chagüitillo

    Jackie Powell '09
    Medio Ambiente Alcaldia Ciudad Sandino

    Dominique Volney '10
    Hospital Ciudad Sandino

    Kate Vrendenburgh '09
    Colectiva de Mujeres

    Megan Crowe '10
    Campus Kitchen Project

    Michael Hannum '11
    LIU #12: Migrant Education

    Aimee George '09

    Adams County Office For Aging

    Mary Laphen
    South Central Community Action Programs

    Margaret White '09
    El Centro/The Center

    Melissa Arsenie '10
    GIV Day Intern