Models of Urban Educational Reform in Baltimore

Trip Overview:

Participants on this trip will spend a week in Baltimore, Maryland in order to learn both what is Baltimore cityworking and what is broken in urban education. Students will visit several schools to explore different models of reform and learn how educators are attempting to creatively address some of the challenges.

As part of this trip, participants will lead an after-school program at Midtown Academy, a K-8 Charter School serving the Reservoir Hill and Bolton Hill neighborhoods. In the program, Gettysburg students will present Midtown students information about the many college and career options available to them after high school. Midtown students will present what they learned to both their parents and the Gettysburg students at the end of the week in a "Life Map."

This trip is unique in that while the trip does end when Spring Break is over, the experience does not. Midtown Academy students will visit Gettysburg College sometime in March or April to tour the campus, and trip participants will reconnect with these new friends as they host them for this campus visit.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Settle into housing; Neighborhood tour; Meet with principal of Midtown AcademyPresentations at Midtown Academy

Day 2: City scavenger hunt; Finish development of College and Career Institute curriculum

Day 3: Visit North Bend Elementary; Shadow student; Afternoon begins College and Career Institute

Day 4: Visit Carver Vocational Technical High School; Teach day 2 of CCI

Day 5: Q&A with recruitment director for KIPP Baltimore; Teach day 3 of CCI

Day 6: Visit SEED School of Maryland; Teach day 4 of CCI

Day 7: CCI Showcase session with parents; Celebratory dinner

Day 8: Head home to Gettysburg


Project Leader: Rex Yin

Project LeaderHi! My name is Rex Yin and I am a senior from Philadephia, PA, studying IDS: Intercultural Studies through Education. I enjoy performing public service, travelling, and enjoying music. Ever since kindergarten, I attended schools in urban areas and experienced firsthand urban education.  But it was not until I came to Gettysburg College where I learned that educational experiences and opportunities vary across socioeconomic lines and demographics. In urban education, there are a lot issues and solutions, and in the Urban Educational Reform IP, students will learn how different organizations and schools hope to the solve the inequalities in urban education and urban areas.