Take Action in the Community


Big Brothers Big Sisters
Mentor a child through homework, games and friendship through the SMART program.
Time: Mon, Tues, Wed  or Thurs: 2:45-4:30pm 
Contact: Sam (leesa01), Claire (aljicl01) or Blair (coxel01)

Battlefield Community Gardens
Assist with weeding, planting and harvesting at this Civil War era vegetable garden! Check out more at http://gettysburgbattlefieldcommunitygardens.wordpress.com/
Time: Various
Contact Emma (koroem01)

Campus Kitchen at Gettysburg College
Repackage donated food into nutritious meals and deliver them to members of the community.
Time: Various
Contact: Sign up at www.gettysburg.edu/campuskitchen

 Adult ESL Classes
Assist adults in conversation, activities and worksheets to 
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-8pm at Migrant Education, 57 N. Fifth St.
Contact: Fall: Laila (muftla01) Spring: Lizzy (coopel02)


Casa de la Cultura Sunday Swimming
Join Latino children in grades K-6 swimming 
Time: Six Sundays 3-4:30pm at Gettysburg College Swimming Pool
Contact: Fall: Amy (maamy01) Spring: Tiarra (riggti01)

D.C. Outfitters
Visit people in DC who face homelessness and offer clothing and conversation.
Time: Fridays 3:00-10:00pm (once a month)
Contact: Marli (horwma01)

Food, Land, People
Facilitate an after-school hands-on learning curriculum about the relationship between food, land and people.
Time: various
Contact: campuskitchen@gettysburg.edu

El Centro After School Program
Tutor a child. Help with homework, play games, exchange English and Spanish skills.
Time: Mon, Tu, Wed or Thurs: 3:30-5:00pm
Contact: Alyssa Weker (wekeal01) or Becca Duffy (duffre01)

Migrant Education High School Program
Through the LIU#12: Migrant Education Program, tutor migrant high school students on campus.
Time: Mon/Wed: 3:30-5:15 pm
Contact: Sarah (scotsa01) 

Migrant Education 7th & 8th Grade Program
Through the LIU#12: Migrant Education Program, tutor migrant 7th and 8th graders.
Time: Mon/Wed: 3:30-5:15 pm
Contact: Yasmine (perrya01) 

Office for Aging
Assist the age 60+ residents of Adams County to maintain their independence through yoga, friendship and bi-weekly dinners.
Time: Fit your schedule as well as alternate Fridays 5-6pm. Click here to sign up.
Contact: Ali (laural01)

Painted Turtle Farm
Assist community gardeners with garden upkeep, planting and harvesting. Find out more at www.gettysburg.edu/ptf
Time: Various
Contact: Ana Horowitz (horoan01) 

Project Gettysburg-León
Become active with Students for Nicaragua. Promote activities of PGL, advocate for fair trade in Nicaragua. More at www.gettysburg-leon.org
Time: Various
Contact: Elizabeth (belael01)

South Central Community Action Programs: Work Ready
Assist adults in studying for the GED, job searching and life skills.
Time: Fit to your schedule, 9am-3pm
Contact: Andeulazia (hughan01)

South Central Community Action Programs: Circles Initiative
Provide friendship and care to 15 children ages 6-15 during the Circles weekly meeting, which aims to move families out of poverty. More at www.supportcircles.org.
Time: Wednesdays 6-8pm (dinner is included)
Contact: Andeulazia (hughan01)