Community Garden and Training Center

At the Painted Turtle Farm's Community Garden and Training Center, students together with low-income and immigrant families work together to:

1) share food traditions, grow vegetables and create a discourse on sustainable agriculture

2) increase the availability of fresh, culturally-desirable food for low-income and immigrant community members

3) create a pathway towards larger-scale farming for interested community members by providing them with resources needed to get started, technical training and opportunities to promote direct marketing at local farmers markets and

4) be a center for community reflection for social and systemic change.

What gardners can expect from participation Community Garden and Training Center:

  • A 3x10 garden plot with good soil in a fenced area and participation in a larger community learning garden
  • Garden tools to share
  • Hands-on training to learn about pest control, planting, weeding, tool usage etc.
  • Educational workshops to learn about topics such as composting, soil maintenance, pest control and marketing
  • Training and opportunities to sell at local farmers with the money raised returning to the project for tools, seeds and other equipment needs.
  • Harvested food from your individual garden plot
  • A weekly share of the food harvested from the community learning
  • Lots of fun, learning and sharing of experiences!

First Harvest 2013!What the Community Garden and Training Center expects from gardeners:

  • 5 hours of participation per family per week (time of day and week is flexible). This includes approximately 3-4 hours of work in the garden and 1-2 hour in educational workshops to be held on Thursday evenings.
  • Participation in 7 out of 10 educational sessions and all 16 weeks of the season, from mid-May through the end of August.
  • Willingness to share your expertise, learn from others and provide feedback to ensure this pilot project becomes a success in the future!


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by volunteering, composting, educating, learning, researching and more!



Student Coordinator:
Mary Margaret Blum

Professional Support:
Elizabeth Weller
Amazing Heart Farm

Kim Davidson
Center for Public Service

Monica Ogra
Environmental Studies

Mary Margaret Blum '18