Megan Crowe '10 The Green Goodies program is an educational and fun learning adventure in which elementary school students explore several aspects of food, including the nutrition of different foods, where food comes from, what happens to it when not eaten, how the Campus Kitchen helps to reduce waste, and food justice issues surrounding food. Each lesson of the program focuses on a different aspect of food. Students learn about farming and nutrition and the connection between the two, to gain a better understanding of how food affects the community and all aspects of their individual lives.

As the nutrition Program Coordinator of the Campus Kitchen at Gettysburg College, Megan Crowe's role in this program is to teach the students about nutrition and sustainability while generating excitement. Through the use of hands-on activities and field trips, students are able to understand key concepts of farming, nutrition, and sustainability while seeing that these topics can be fun in hopes that they will begin to apply some of the things they are learning to their daily lives.

Megan believes it is important for her students to incorporate these ideas of nutrition and sustainable food practices into their lives as soon as possible so that it becomes ingrained into things they do, becoming a habit rather than a daily challenge. She knows that students can begin now to make changes that will impact not only themselves but the environment as well.

Megan Crowe '10

Megan reflects "It is this idea that dedicates me to the work of sustainability. Growing up I was never exposed to ideas of nutrition or sustainable practices and have only recently learned the importance of both. Not only do they have profound effects on the health of a person, they also affect the entire world, both physically and environmentally. By exposing students early on to these ideas, they can become educated individuals, who can then expose others to these important concepts."

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