The Den


Please visit the DEN to learn more about dates and times regarding the programs listed below:

Intro to Climbing and Belaying
This 1.5 hour workshop will provide basic instruction to climbing at the Den. The emphasis of the workshop is on movement, not height. We will review the belay and basic rope management as well as how to incorporate climbing into your fitness/health routine.

Climbing Movement Workshop
This class is designed to teach intro to intermediate movement on the bouldering wall. If you are interested in learning how to make the most out of your movement, by limiting exertion and maximizing performance, you will enjoy this workshop.

Lead Climbing Workshop
If you are able to climb 5.8-5.9 top rope multiple times without falling and are able to belay cleanly, then you meet the prerequisites for this 2 part course. This workshop will teach you the basics of lead climbing-belaying, clipping, movement, & commands.

Climbing Comp Workshop
Interested in learning how to climb in a one of the competitions-but not certain where to begin? This workshop is designed to get you on the wall and ready to compete in our April climbing competition.

El Cap Challenge-On-going
Think you can climb 3560'? The El Cap Challenge is on. Climb 102 routes on the Tower between now and April 15, and you will be entered into a drawing to win some climb gear. Just register for the El Cap Challenge at the Den.

Ascending/Descending Workshop
This workshop will teach the techniques for ascending a tower that go beyond climbing. We will harness you in a climbing rig and you will literally learn to walk up rope. Once on top of the tower, instruction will be provided on to how to use one of the many rappel devices in order to lower yourself back down. A simple interest in adventure is the prerequisite for this workshop.

Bouldering Wall

Battle at the 'Burg-Climbing Comp
Gettysburg College's annual bouldering competition. Climbers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. There will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced brackets for both men and women with great prizes to be won from our sponsors! Come out and meet climbers from other schools and enjoy some pizza as you climb; spectators are welcome too! For more information, visit our competition page.