WI 2013The Gettysburg Recreational Adventure Board (GRAB) is the student programming entity of the office. The student facilitators  are charged to provide a leadership service to the Gettysburg College community, alumni, and parents. These students receive 300-400 hours of classroom and field experience annually through an aggressive and sustained leadership training model.

The students are trained to professional standards that include risk assessment, ethical considerations, recreation law, technical instruction, medical certifications, theories in leadership and psychology, and group assessment. From the classroom to the field, the experience prepares the GRAB staff to manage the well-being of their participants in unpredictable and dynamic environments such as sea kayaking in Finland and mountaineering in Peru.

It is the intent of the GRAB experience to develop student facilitators into strong professionals. The lessons learned from managing groups in remote and potentially stressful situations provides the students with the necessary tools to succeed in any profession they choose to pursue.