GRAB climbingThe student staff is an essential component of the Office of Experiential Education, so the selection process is a deliberate one. We evaluate each student's potential to lead a group of their peers in a manner consistent with our program's philosophy as well as their potential to recognize the difference between personal accountability and professional responsibility. Once chosen, staff members are exposed to a diverse, multiple-year training regimen with an end goal of enabling the students to become successful professionals in any industry which they choose to pursue. GRAB facilitators receive over 400 hours of training annually, and facilitate domestic and international programs. In the following pages you will find a brief synopsis two of our most important staff trainings that achieve this end.

The Leadership Profile of GRAB Facilitators:

  • 97% retention of student facilitators over sixteen years.
  • Twenty four student facilitators responsible for the vision, development, logistics, and implementation of 45 wilderness based programs and 50 challenge course workshops a year

  • All current staff have Rope 1 Technician Certification via Bruce Smith, WFR certification via Wilderness Medical Associates, and will receive BCU 2 star and Canoe Safety award this year

  • Responsible for leading sea kayaking, climbing, trekking, backpacking, and mountaineering programs for students, staff, alumni, and parents of Gettysburg College

  • GRAB alumni currently manage outdoor programs at nine colleges/universities, while one is a full time NOLS instructor