An Overview

The shallow, protected waterways of the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland create a beautiful environment for kayaking.  The group will spend four days kayaking around Wye Island.  Wye Island is managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to provide suitable habitat for wintering waterfowl and other wildlife.

During this trip, the group will learn the kayaking skills needed to maneuver through this sensitive watershed. Additionally, since Gettysburg is part of the Chesapeake watershed, we believe that it is important for all people to understand how our impact in this area can effect the waters many miles away.  The group will spend time examining the various important ecological issues facing the Chesapeake Bay.

This trip is self-contained. Students will camp in tents and cook their own food on camp stoves. This trip will have access to certain facilities and will also use the vehicles to transport the kayaks on various days.    


May 19th--Arrive at BWI airport and be picked up by Gettysburg College transportation. Arrive on campus and check into your residence hall. Meet and greet your GRAB facilitators, have dinner, sort gear and get some sleep.

May 20th--Finalize the sorting of gear and food, and then drive 2.5 hours to Wye Island. Plan to get in the boats today and learn a few new skills.

May 12-23--The bulk of the paddling experience. Locations determined by group and dictated by weather. 

May 24th--Depart in the morning and return to Gettysburg by lunchtime. Take showers, clean gear, tour the Battlefield and enjoy a BBQ dinner. Afterwards, enjoy dessert in downtown and possible take a ghost tour.

May 25th--Depart for BWI in the morning and return to Utah.

GRAB Staff Facilitators

Jessica Jozwik '14
Rachel Dinsmore '15

Equipment Checklist

Sea Kayaking Checklist

Answers to questions:

Are we only going to be kayaking?
No, there are opportunities to hike and visit some of the local towns. The group will have a say in what the plan looks like from day to day. But the primary goal is paddling in different locations each day. 

Is the water cold? Do we wear drysuits/wetsuits?
The water temperature is typically in the low to mid 60s in May. Here is a link to current buoy readings. You will just wear layers and paddle jackets while on the water.

Do we have showers?
Only if it rains. 

How cold will it be at night?
Low to mid 50s.

Are there a lot of bugs?
Depends on your definition of "a lot."

How much down time will we have?
The days will move at a pace decided upon by the group--but know, you will get time to yourself each day should you need it. 

What's for dinner?
We will talk in late April about menus. But we do a nice job of creating interesting and well balanced meals, and we base this on the needs of the group.