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Course Descriptions

This year we have changed the Twisted Turkey to include a 5k route and changed the 10 miler to a 15k route. The 5k was established to provide racers with a very manageable but challenging experience, especially for first time trail runners. The 15k route was modified to ensure we had solid course management and increase the race tempo with the 10k and 15k runners on the same route until the finish line. At which point the 15k runners will continue across the road and make a loop in the Michaux State Forest.

For 15k runners to continue on the last 5k section of the route; they will need to pass the finish line split within an 1 hour and 20 minutes (13 minute miles). If a 15k runner does not arrive at the split by 11:20am; they will directed toward the finish line and receive a 10k time.    

The general trail directions are listed below and if you follow these, or look at the online map, you will get a sense of the route. Trail distance markers are already on the course, with the exception of the last 5k section of the 15k route which in the Michaux. The trails will be marked with flags and arrows for you to follow during the race; intersections will also be roped to help guide you in the right direction.

5k course description 

5k course map

10k/15k course description

10k/15k course map

GPS 10k course

GPS 15k extension