Sigma Chi houseSigma Chi CrestOrganization Name: Sigma Chi

Principles: Friendship, Justice, and Learning

Nationally Founded: June 28, 1855

Locally Founded: 1863/ March 28, 2009

Number of Active Brothers Spring Semester: 53

Number of Active Chapters: 243

International Website:

President: Matthew Nadler



The original Theta Chapter of Sigma Chi was disbanded in 2005. Sigma Chi Fraternity returned to campus in September of 2007, and the Interest Group became the official Sigma Chi Theta colony on December 22, 2007. The formal rechartering ceremony was conducted on March 28, 2009 and the Theta Chapter of Sigma Chi returned to Gettysburg College’s campus. We, the brothers of Sigma Chi Theta are a close-knit group of men. Active on campus, we hold the highest fraternity GPA on campus, and embody the true ideals of fraternity life. As the newest Greek Organization on campus, we offer prospective members a unique opportunity to create tradition and leave a powerful and lasting legacy at Gettysburg College. Nationally, Sigma Chi is one of the largest and most respected fraternities, with our local chapter playing a key role in its history. Sigma Chi offers some of the most prestigious leadership training in the Greek world, and the Sigma Chi Foundation awards $5,000,000 annually to Sigma Chis, more than twice as much as any Greek Organization. Famous alums include Mike Ditka, David Letterman, John Wayne, Drew Brees, and Brad Pitt.