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Fraternity: Sigma Nu

Chapter: Zeta Sigma

Address: 55 W. Broadway

Nationally Founded: 1869

Number of Active Chapters: 250

National Website:

Locally Founded: 1954

Local Website:

Principles: Love, Honor, and Truth

Sigma Nu, Zeta Sigma chapter is a flourishing group of members that strive to maintain academic integrity, expand social connections, and improve the community at large. We do this by instilling an environment conducive to studying, participating in leadership training programs, and engaging in meaningful and productive philanthropy. While your time at Sigma Nu will be fun, after graduation you will be connected to many successful alumni and possess the necessary skills to advance in any field or graduate school. In addition to the aforementioned endeavors, we have members participating in varsity sports, political and debate clubs, theater, radio, pre-health professions, and many other interesting organizations. Additionally, we annually have one of the highest GPA's on campus.  Sigma Nu was founded nationally on an anti-hazing policy; a policy that we strictly follow and respect today.  If you are interested in rushing Sigma Nu, feel free to contact any of our brothers.  Our President is Jeremy Savage 978-400-8038 and our Social Chairman is Joel Cymuman 716-704-2942.