Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha

Chapter: Theta-Pi Zeta

Address: 113 W. Broadway

Nationally Founded: November 2, 1909

Number of Active Chapters: 300+

National Website:

Locally Founded: 1939

Local Website:

Principles: Fraternity, Morality, Learning and Patriotism

Lambda Chi Alpha is a diverse group of students who are brought together by our common belief in the principles of the fraternity, listed above. Since our re-colonization at Gettysburg, we have held the highest GPA of all male Greek organizations for nearly every every semester. Involvement is a requirement of Lambda Chi and all of our brothers are participants in extra curricular activities, ranging from campus jobs to intramurals and varsity sports teams. We have had a strict anti-hazing policy since the 1970's and we follow that policy in accordance with our open motto, 'Every man a man'. We encourage any man who is interested in rushing to stop by the house any time.