Reports & Statistics

The reports found on this page can help provide a good measure of a chapter's success, and and a valuable resource to prospective members as they consider joining a fraternity or sorority.  Chapters at Gettysburg are required to meet a set of standards and complete an evaluation to remain in good standing with the institution.  The most recent evaluation provides the best snapshot of chapter performance.  The character and quality of our organizations can change yearly with each incoming group of student leaders.  Not all information on the campus evaluation is shared publicly.  Please contact the office with any questions.

The new year marks a year of change for Gettysburg College's evaluation process. Beginning in 2014, the fraternities and sororities will be evaluated on an annual basis (calendar year) rather than each semester.  The document outlining the new process below also includes an overview of all the parties involved with its development.  It is our hope that this new evaluation will continue to elevate the Greek community at Gettysburg, and provide a transparent process that enables chapters to demonstrate their value and success.

Basic information on each organization.

Philanthropic/Service Hour comparisons.


2014 Reports

Pilot Evaluation Process Overview, Criteria and Grading (PDF)

2013 Reports

2013 Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

2013 Evaluation Grading (PDF)

Fall 2013 GPA Report

Spring 2013 GPA Report

Spring 2013 Evaluation Results (PDF)


2012 Reports

2012 Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

2012 Evaluation Grading (PDF)

Fall 2012 GPA Report (PDF)

Spring 2012 GPA Report (PDF)


2011 Reports

2011 Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

Fall 2011 Evaluation Results (PDF)

Fall 2011 GPA Report (PDF)

Spring 2011 Evaluation Results (PDF)

Spring 2011 GPA Report (PDF)


2010 Reports

Fall 2010 Evaluation Results (PDF)

Fall 2010 GPA Report (PDF)

Spring 2010 GPA Report (PDF)