Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta2

Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta

Chapter: Pennsylvania Beta

Address: 101 W. Lincoln Ave.

Nationally Founded: 1848

Number of Active Chapters: 177

National Website:

Locally Founded: 1875

Principles: Friendship, Sound Learning, Rectitude

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta are involved in the Gettysburg campus in a number of facets. Our philanthropic efforts have included supporting research for Down Syndrome, Lou Gehrig's Disease, and the Adams Country Youth Services. Most of our brothers are involved in organizations besides Phi Delta Theta, organizations like: Lacrosse, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, Baseball, The Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Student Senate, the Irish Brigade, and the Interfraternity Council. The average GPA of a Phi Delt brother is third among all fraternities. We have had very successful and active alumni. The current chairman of the board of trustees of Gettysburg College, Chuck Widger, is a Phi Delt and some of our more famous alumni on the national level are Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, and Bert Reynolds. The brotherhood of Phi Delta Theta attracts men who are well-rounded and who have an interest in becoming part of a great organization that accomplishes great things. We encourage our brothers to strive for success, while enjoying their time here at Gettysburg College.