Thank you for your interest in joining the Panhellenic community at Gettysburg!  Sororities have been a positive influence on the Gettysburg community since 1904.  The information below provides important dates and guidelines for successful participation in the Panhellenic recruitment process.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the Vice President for Recruitment, Shannon Callahan at or by visiting the Office of Greek Life in CUB 240.

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Gettysburg College uses a deferred fully-structured Panhellenic recruitment process that includes a weekend-long formal recruitment for sophomore, junior and senior women early in the fall semester each year.  Women must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, less than 6 points through the conduct system and have achieved at least sophomore academic standing.  No first-year women are ever permitted to participate in formal recruitment.  The earliest that a first-year woman should begin any recruitment-related activities is with the start of the all-women’s period in the spring semester.  First-year women should not participate in any informal recruitment activities (i.e. lunches, coffees, etc.) prior to the all-women’s period date listed below.  Participation in such activities is considered a recruitment violation and could have negative consequences for the participating chapters and their members.  Participation in any recruitment activities involving alcohol (e.g. pre-gaming, off-campus parties, etc.) are a violation of recruitment rules, and could negatively impact the chapter involved, as well as the potential new member's ability to go through the recruitment process.



Formal Recruitment Registration Opens/All-Women's Period Begins: Monday, March 3, 2014

Registered Women's Period Begins: Monday, March 31, 2014

Panhellenic Preview/Informal Rounds: April 6, 2014

PNM Recruitment Registration Deadline:  5 PM, Monday, September 1, 2014

PNM Pre-Recruitment Meeting: Thursday, September 4, 2014

Formal Recruitment Display Round: Friday, September 5, 2014

Formal Recruitment Philanthropy Round: Saturday, September 6, 2014

Formal Recruitment Preference Round: Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bid Night: Sunday, September 7, 2014



Registration for formal recruitment will be available to interested women, called potential new members (PNM’s), with the start of the all-women’s period.  The earlier that a women registers for recruitment, the earlier that she will be assigned a Recruitment Counselor and receive information provided by the Panhellenic council.  There is a fee to participate in recruitment.  This year’s fee is $20.  This fee helps to offset the costs associated with recruitment and will include a recruitment t-shirt that is provided to all potential new members.  In order to complete the recruitment registration process, an interested women must complete the online registration, pay the registration fee and complete the grade and conduct release waivers.    A link to recruitment registration is listed below.

2014 Formal Recruitment Registration

2014 Payment for Formal Recruitment Registration



Being on-time and in attendance is very important for a successful recruitment experience.  However, we understand that things come up and that emergencies, work conflicts, academic conflicts and athletic conflicts are sometimes inevitable.  To accomodate women who will have to miss the entire formal recruitment experience, one entire day or even one or two parties within a round, we ask that they complete the Absentee Form below.  This form should be completed and e-mailed to as soon as possible. 

2014 Panhellenic Recruitment Absentee Form



Recommendations are a good way to introduce interested women to sororities prior to the recruitment process.  It is not a Panhellenic requirement for PNM’s to submit recommendations, but they are helpful.  If alumnae members of the organizations represented on campus wish to submit a recommendation on behalf of a current student, they should do so by mailing them to the Office of Greek Organizations at the address below.  Recommendation forms are chapter-specific and can usually be found on the inter/national organization’s website.

Office of Greek Life

Attn: (Insert Chapter Name Here)

Box 299

300 N. Washington St.

Gettysburg, PA 17325



Every year during the formal recruitment process, the Panhellenic Council selects members of sororities to become Recruitment Counselors.  Recruitment Counselors assist the potential new members starting after Spring Break in the spring semester through the formal recruitment weekend in the fall semester.  Women serving as Recruitment Counselors are asked to disaffiliate during this period and do not participate in any of their chapter’s recruitment activities or conversations.  If you are interested in becoming a recruitment counselor for fall 2013, you can print the application below.

2014 Recruitment Counselor Application



Continuous Open Bidding is the informal process by which sophomore, junior and senior women who did not join a Panhellenic sorority through the formal recruitment process may do so.  Not all sororities will participate in COB, but a few chapters that have available spots will be able to fill them during this timeframe.  First-year women are not eligible to participate in COB.  Bids may be extended on a rolling basis during the COB period.  Participation in COB does not impact a woman’s ability to participate in formal recruitment the following fall semester.  Women interested in participating in COB must register in the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life (CUB 240).

Panhellenic New Member Education must begin within 3 days of bids being extended to potential new members. New Member Education must end 4 weeks after a bid is accepted.



It is important to fully consider the decision to join a sorority.  All of Gettysburg’s sororities are part of national or international organizations whose chapters all share the same values, philanthropic partners and form an invaluable membership network.  Please be sure to learn more about both the local chapters and inter/national organizations prior to formal recruitment.  The Reports and Statistics link above contains comparison information, GPA information, and basic information on all of Gettysburg's Fraternities and Sororities.



To withdraw prior to formal recruitment, please stop by the Office of Greek Organizations during business hours.

To withdraw during formal recruitment, please stop by the Women's Center to talk to a Panhellenic representative and complete the online withdrawal form:  Withdraw

PLEASE NOTE: The completion of this withdraw form is required to be removed from recruitment.  Recruitment Counselors will attempt to contact you throughout recruitment if this process is not completed.