Welcome!Our office is located in the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC), an open inclusive and affirming space with a variety of functions.

Conference Room

We provide meeting space for a variety of clubs and organizations on campus. Host your important meetings here!

Conference room

Computer Lab / Printing / Fax / Office Supplies

Our computer lab is the perfect place to check your email, print out a paper (for free!) or do some research. We also offer free domestic and international fax services for students with employment, visa and graduate school-related needs. Need some office supplies to polish off that perfect presentation or poster board? Stop by and see if we can help.



Want a glass of tea? Need to heat up some popcorn or a bagel? Our kitchenette is available for your use. Please leave it as clean as you found it!

Lounge / TV Room

The IRC is your place to hang out. We have a very comfortable facility with cable TV and plenty of places to sit and relax.