Traditions allow us to build a community that extends beyond a student’s time at the college. Each year, the Office of Multicultural Engagement sponsors a series of events intended to provide a holistic approach to students’ time here on campus. From welcome events that introduce first- years to campus, reconnect current students with their peers to co-curricular educational program with faculty and end-of-year celebration of student's academic accomplishments. Below are some examples of programming provided by the office

  • Pre-Orientation – Prior to new student orientation, we invite incoming students to join us on campus for a few days to become aware of resources available to help them succeed in college. Students meet faculty and begin building a community of friends that will last throughout their time here.
  • Welcome Cookout – Each fall on the first day of classes, all new and returning domestic and international students gather for an informal cookout to make new friends and reconnect with old ones after the summer break.
  • Holiday Dinners – These events bring a little bit of home to campus for the holiday before finals start.
  • End of Year Celebration – This event is a culmination of the school year to highlight students academic achievements, community involvement, and highlight the graduating seniors accomplishments.

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The Office of Multicultural Engagement sponsors a variety of talks and presentations that focus upon current events, campus topics, and students’ needs and interests. Below is a brief list of the programs available to students from our office

  • PALS – The PALS Program is a mentoring program that pairs incoming first-year students with upper-class students to discuss common challenges and opportunities for new students and to ease their integration into the campus community.
  • Cultural Programming – A celebration of all heritage months and awareness weeks. The office plans educational and social events to embrace the experience of different cultural groups. 
  • Co-Curricular Programming – Partnering with faculty, these events will show the direct impact the in classroom learning has on the out of classroom experience. Poets, writers, lectures and other artistic performances are just a view examples. 
  • Social Events – Themed parties, museums,bowling, off-campus movies and tours to regional cities give students the time to socialize away from campus with their peers; as well as explore different interest. 
  • Mentoring & Advising – On the last day of spring classes, the Office of Multicultural Engagement hosts a formal spring banquet to celebrate the academic accomplishments of all students and to send our graduating seniors off in style. Don’t miss the fun, food, and dancing!
  • Directed Conversations – Join students in facilitated discussions intended to build connections, challenge assumptions, and strengthen solidarity. This is a safe space.
  • Off-Campus Trips – As per student interest, the Office sponsors trips to nearby off-campus locations to give students the opportunity to gather in new places and see noteworthy sites in the region.

Campus Clubs and Activities

Many of our students participate and/or lead student clubs on campus to develop leadership and interpersonal skills, and to connect to and invest in their campus. See a list of clubs with strong multicultural representation and interest.

Students also form Spark and Theme houses that promote social awareness and engagement. The Office of Residence Life welcomes new ideas for these houses.

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