Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a 6-word essay that captures your experience on Race. Reflect on your views on RACE. Distill your thoughts into 6 words and submit.


Race, like beauty, is only skin-deep.

~ Written by Anonymous


My last name is always mispronounced.

~ Written by Anonymous


Latina comes in all different Shades.

~ Written by Jamon


Infinite diversity, infinite combinations: all beautiful!

~ A.K. Krehbiel


Beautiful differences that should be embraced.

~ Written by Aleecha Marie McCune


Is it possible to explain the unexplainable?!

~ Written by Jess


Every immigrant has to love America.

~ Written by V.C.


Not all Jamaicans have dreadlocks man!

~ Written by Anonymous


I love playing Mexican dominoes.

~ Written by Anonymous


Is half the pie really enough?

~ Written by Vicki Pérez-Zetune


Jamaica, Jamaica, our land we love!

~ Written by Sophia R.


Spanish dad. Jamaican mom. American girl.

~ Written by Anonymous


Race does not discriminate. People do.

~ Written by Anonymous


Race? Gender? Sexuality? Should it matter?

~ Jaamie Monroe


No pledge until we get allegiance.

~ Written by Mauricio Novoa


The universal divider that unifies all.

~ Written by Danny Zeng


Hispanic by omission; lost by inclusion.

~ Written by Anonymous


I never want to pick sides.

~ Written by Rina


"Raza" is the reason for celebration.

~ Written by Anonymous


Elite SATs GPA Asians Why Ashamed?

~ Written by Shota Hasui


I am a young, black woman.

~ Written by Christina Jones


Being human: elevating you, elevates me.

~ Written by C.N. Taylor


We are different; we are beautiful

~ Written by Scott Magers


The only race; the human race.

~Written by Rick M.


Daily malaise on/under my skin.

~Written by Ruth


Race is skin color, nothing else.

~ Written by Eleanor Soule